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MV Carbon

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
96"x70", acrylic and oil on canvas, Whale
67"x59", acrylic and oil on canvas, summer walk #4
65"x71", acrylic and oil on canvas, Tailspin Prediction
67"x 70", acrylic and oil on canvas, RIP mountain dreams
52"x92", acrylic and oil on canvas, Waterfall
Artist's Statement

The paintings come from far away ideas that are discovered during the process of making them. Fantasy landscapes are laid out for subject matters to frolic and float on. Music plays a big part in my visuals. Being a seasoned improviser allows me to recognize and encourage a looseness and chanciness in the brushstrokes. I work quite large and sometimes feel as though I am smoothly playing a cello and then smashing it or dragging it across a bumpy floor as I am painting a background. There is so much that is likely to be unseen within a flat image which draws me to exaggerate the disturbing, questionable or awkward qualities that lie within a normal, recognizable and somewhat common image. My palette changes with the seasons or is affected by travel and intense impressions absorbed in a richly diverse city like New York.


MV Carbon is a painter and musician living in Brooklyn. She is interested in discovering the place in music and art that flutters between the serene and the overwhelming. She frequently incorporates visuals from paintings and films into live performances. She’s traveled nationally and internationally with her solo project and in collaborations with Tony Conrad, Aki Onda, and, Metalux. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries including D’Amelio Terras (NY), West Nile (NY), Mc Caigwelles (NY), Elk Gallery (NY), Butcher Shop (Chicago), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pgh), Birmingham Lofts (Pgh), The Brew House Assoc. (Pgh), and Art without Walls (OH). She has received grants from the Experimental Television Center (NY), and the Cultural Affairs Community Arts Assistance Program (Chicago). She studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received a BFA in Art and Technology.