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Murat Adash

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In my performance-based work I seek to investigate relations and frictions between corporality and spatiality. I work with groups of performers with whom I create choreographic systems that explore the possibilities and impossibilities, potentialities and limitations of the architectural and social framework in which the action takes place. In these systems, the performers employ methodologies of arranging and re-arranging themselves in such a way that both the space and the audience become an integral part in the construction of the work. Through the performer-audience-space triad, I am keen to zoom in on the complex formation of group dynamics in relation to spatial positioning and negotiation: through strategies of dispersion, re-assembly, and reciprocity, the performers build a network of gestures and bodily compositions that constantly reconfigure and break apart.


The performance-based work of German-Turkish artist Murat Adash seeks to investigate relations and frictions between corporality and spatiality. By staging choreographic interventions with groups of people in a variety of spaces, his works make inquiries into social and spatial dynamics of the placed and the displaced, the inside(r) and the outside(r), the actor and the observer. Recent exhibitions and performances include: SALT, Istanbul, 2017; The Hangar (UMAM D&R), Beirut, 2017; Kunsthalle Freeport, Athens, 2017; Alt Art Space, Istanbul, 2016; Manifesta 11, Zurich, 2016; Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago, 2015; EXPO Chicago, 2015. Adash is the recipient of numerous awards including the Istanbul studio grant by the Hessische Kulturstiftung, DAAD artist fellowships, a Fulbright scholarship, among many others. Adash holds an MFA in Visual Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.