Monica Franciscus

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Love Letter. stones, glue on paper, 14"x11"
Circle letter, sand, glue on canvas, 20"x16"
Letter. sand glue on canvas, 20"x16"
Note, sand, glue on canvas, 12"x12"
Cut letter. sand, glue on canvas, 20"x16"
Artist's Statement

I strive to create work that is provocative, amusing, clear, fun, but also serious. It reflects the times, conveys my values, and shows my personality which is fearless, bold, and spontaneous. I want the work to be direct, unpretentious, and compelling.
My work is emotional, about intimacy and relationships.
As an artist, I defy categorization. My body of work is not about one thing nor is it a variation on a theme. With each piece, I start with an idea, simplify it, and then push it toward abstraction in order to focus on its essence. I aim for an image one cannot imagine any other way.
The sand letters say everything you ever wanted to tell someone, but I felt confined and limited by words, pen and paper. My letters are illegible and mean nothing. However, they have the common and predictable letter format regardless of language. The writing styles reflect facets of ourselves and different personalities. Rhythm is ever present.