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Mo kong

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Artist's Statement

The series of work I did is a story collection of coal miners.

It is black, white and gold.

It is about loss, mourning and memorial.

It is the abstractive unwanted beauty, but from the bloody truth.
It is between evidence and imagination.
It is using the journalist’s approach to challenge the journalism system.
It happened in my own village an unknown place in China, but it is a story of everybody.


Mo Kong is a multi-media artist, researcher. He currently resides in New York and Beijing. He received his MFA degree in Digital + Media from Rhode Island School of Design.
He is deeply impacted by the various political and social events. He chooses the journalistic approach to investigate the bloody but humanity side in the social practices.Through the detailed description of certain social event to build the general emotional connections to the audience. His work takes on a very personal social and political direction and the materials he works with lend themselves to the nature of each subject he deals with.