Mitchell Gonzalez

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Artist's Statement

During my life, My pursuit of happiness has always been a difficult one. No different then anybody else. Art helped me find it. I've noticed people respond to my thoughts better when they are translated through pictures. I drew more then talked in my life so i guess it became a natural function for me. Growing up with comic books and cartoons left and right I've instantly grown to love the medium. Especially the way it impacts people. The whole art of expressing emotions and stories through images instead of just words alone. Most of my art is based on that concept. Exploring emotions and telling a some what story through the lines and colors. In that i find a sense of happiness.


I was born Jan. 1988 in the Bronx studying art on my own. After graduating high school at the riverdale kingsbridge academy i went straight to work but continued studying art and illustration in hopes of writing and drawing my own comic books. After several years doing 9 to 5 jobs, I finally made the choice to leave the normal work life to pursue a full long career in the arts. My love for art has led me to a life of art commissioning with plans to continue up the art ladder and enrichen my art career. My first art show was held at the westchester square art center July 13th 2013 and was exhibited through to the 20th of July.