Missy Dahl

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Artist's Statement

A couple of years ago I began collecting old photographs from thrift stores. When I began painting these 'lost memories' I found that people were reacting in a very nostalgic way. Every comment was 'this figure looks like' or 'they remind me of ...' I have decided to move forward with this idea and begin working on "Nostalgia Now". This will be a series of paintings from old photographs intentionally using nostalgic colors, loose forms, and figures that might be relate-able to the viewer. I want to find a common history with strangers’ experience.


2008: Group show at Roslin Gallery
2009, group show OK Hotel Gallery with Mark Kang O’Higgins, Curtis McDowell
2009 Private show, Bauhaus Seattle, WA
2010 Private show, Bauhaus Seattle, WA
2010 Group Show at Roslin Gallery Seattle, WA
2010 Group Show at The Steele Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011 Private show, Bauhaus Seattle, WA
2012 Private show at Faire Gallery Seattle, WA
2012 Private show, Hot Iron Seattle, WA
2012 Group show, Visa Versa Gallery Seattle, WA with Aron Hart
2012 Studio show, June private studio, Seattle, WA
2012 Show cased in movie "Nothing Against Life" by Julio Ramirez
2013 Solo show at The Elephant Room Gallery

2007: Best in show, sculpture
2008-winner of Face Forward judged competition, judged by local curators and Lawrimore Project
2008 Scholarship award from Gage Academy of A