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Mikhail GUBIN

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Infanta. wood, acrylic, paper, 25" x 47" x 26"
Hoot Seated Woman. wood, paper, acrylic, 20" x 30" x 18"
Big Ben. wood, acrylic, 20" x 15" x 28"
Bowl Of The Ocean Soup. wood, acrylic, ink, 24" x 32" x 20"
Rider. wood, acrylic, ink, 21" x 26" x 12"
Artist's Statement

For creation of my wooden sculptures I have used objects found from the Manhattan's urban ore. Usually it is plywood, parts of furniture and wooden toys. It is very important - materials should be collected in Manhattan. The City is like a huge caterpillar which carries through itself hundreds tons of wood. I like to come to Manhattan (from Queens it is a hop and jump) to rummage in a city waste in search of the necessary materials. Working on a sculpture, I take pleasure in the process of creation and have joy from the idea, that I will give new birth to the thrown out wooden things.


MIKHAIL GUBIN was born in Kharkov, Soviet Union /now Ukraine/ in 1953. For period of time 1961-1970 Mikhail has attended art school and private training workshops in art and photography. In the period of 1978-1981 he attended Art and Tech College in Zagorsk at Moscow region. He brought his family to New York in 1989 and became a U.S. citizen in 1995. In current of the next years until today Mikhail actively pursue an art. His activities include painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and photography.
Throughout of his residence in the USA he has had 30 solo exhibitions and participated in more then 200 group shows. His memberships include Audubon Artists Inc, Silvermine Guild of Artists and National Collage Society.