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Mike Olin

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Tier, 60"x82" oil, trash, beeswax, mustard seeds on linen 2007
Stickbug Space Helmet, 27"x36" oil, beeswax, trash, mustard seeds on linen 2008
SB Devers, "56x40" oil and alkyd, trash, on canvas 2006
Sediments, "21x16" oil, trash, mustard seeds on linen 2007
Stickbug by the Pool, "28"x"36 oil and alkyd, mustard seeds on canvas 2005
Artist's Statement

We are subject to an overwhelming wave of information and choice. Increasingly we are in need of sub-contractors to filter this ocean of disparate activity because it is all too much for one to absorb. At the same time the potential the infinite options present is tantalizing and potentially euphoric. We must adapt to this by learning how to read many signs at once.

The early cubists were interested in picturing a newly considered fourth dimension. Contemporary science has brought us the makings of a new paradigm which include the notion of multidimensional space, morphic resonance, the emptiness of matter, and other theories that greatly expand our understanding of life, love, and the universe.

In the stickbug paintings I use paint language to bring together several fields that roughly represent the numbing noise of our times.


Mike Olin


Born in Pasadena CA in 1971
Lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn since 1999

MFA: Ohio University, Athens OH 1998

2009 The Winning Hand, Workspace Gallery, Los Angeles
2009 Time Bandits II, BOS, Brooklyn
2009 Logement Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2008 Eggcartonopolis, HQ Gallery, Brooklyn
2008 Time Bandits, BOS, Brooklyn
2007 On It Bushwick Open Spaces, Brooklyn
2007 AG Gallery, Williamsburg, Brookllyn

Founding member of Pioneers of Inspiration, a NYC artist collective
Organized, co-curated several exhibitions including Time Bandits and
Portraits of Yoda