Mike Cieciora

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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The Mind Seeking Escape, Graphite and Conte pencil on Shojoshi paper, 11x18
End of Day, Oil of Linen, 28x32
Twenty Winters, Oil on linen, 28x32
Daedalus, Traditional chalk gesso on panel, 24x16 each, Series of three
Stone River, Oil on linen, 28x32
Artist's Statement

The search for meaning broadly defines my artistic pursuit. Many of the geometric works relate to man and civilization, movement and science, separateness and contour while remaining clear, distinct and rhythmic.

The more organic works relate closer to nature and light, spirit, emotion, non-separateness and fullness of lyrical form.

A third theme emerges from a hybrid of the two forms, notably works that disrupt the traditional square or rectangular canvas, or an image evoking transformation or something analogous to the realm of dreams, and rely on uncertainty, incompleteness or ambivalence as an instrument of meditation. Ultimately I hope to instill the works with a sense of naturalness, and a free, open vitality.


Mike Cieciora was born in 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska. He attended Hunter College and received an MFA. Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn with his wife and son. He is also a writer and has finished a novel titled Hoodoo Crossing.