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Miguel (aka MDcircle) Duran

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oil on paper
oil on koolaid
oil on paper
oil graphite pastel on paper
mixed media on paper and wood
Miguel (aka MDcircle)
Artist's Statement

I believe in no way as way. However, in my art I seek to go beyond what has already been established in Art . My ultimate goal is to create a human from art, to question what it means to be human, to change how we define what a human is. While that is one direction, one path, it is that, exactly one path that I will eventually leave and find a new one. After all I believe in no way as way. Which brings me to my other current issue of trying to find a fussion between the reletively new low brow illlustrative style and the highly conceptual art world. The result looks like a painting but its not, nor an installation, but an illustrative performance. I make people out of paintings so if they exist in a gallery they dont exist as paintings but as a performer in a gallery.


Miguel A. Duran Ruiz




School of Visual Arts, NY. Major: Fine Art

Awards: Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship for portfolio review.


Palomar College, San Marcos, Ca. Major: Fine Art

Related Professional Activities

2009 Exhibition at Boehm gallery

2009 Featured in Bravura Literary magazine

2007 Exhibition Carlsbad Oceanside art league

2007 Camp Pendleton Veterans Group Mural