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Mieko Anekawa

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Gallery in Amsterdam
"Mouflon" Oil on Canvas, 20" diameter, 2009
"Vibrance and Pride" Mixed media on Paper board, 16" x 20", 2010
Recycled Material: Fabric, Contributed by Creator's Co-op
"Cloud full of Hair" Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40", 2008
"Unhappy Birthday" Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 12", 2010
Artist's Statement

My work expresses female power, vibrance, creativity, and sensitivity. My theme is nature. It's the core of our life, and I try send messages to rethink how nature is important and to protect our environment. I participate in art projects involving nature and our children’s future. It has pushes me to explore nature and human interaction, and I want to show the world population about my feelings in my work. I have made a series using recycled material from companies in my local neighborhood, to try to spread reusing and recycling to others. One of my series is "Hair Show". Hair, in its essence, is nature growing from us, and I feel it is an expression of our inner self. I am inspired by the hairstyles of my country and the contrast of styles in NY, and tried to capture the components of natural female beauty from both of my backgrounds, in the setting of nature to express female beauty in a unique way.


Mieko Anekawa is a Japanese, Astoria-based artist with an BFA from Kyoto Seika University in Japan. She moved to New York to seek more creative opportunities and experience a different, unique approach to art. She has worked for and participated in various art/design fields, including Nooka Inc, TimeOut NY, and Fashion's Night Out. Her art has been in Chelsea, Tribeca, Meatpacking, and Brooklyn galleries, and had exhibitions in Canada, Amsterdam, Belgium, UK, Osaka, and Tokyo. In 2010, Anekawa's artwork was published in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Recently her work is on display at the Zuisho-ji National Heritage Site in a collaboration with P.C.A.D. (Protect Children Against Danger) in Japan. Anekawa resides in Astoria and her current work combines a number of influences, including fashion, nature, female expression and New York scenery. She is currently working with City Council on a public art plan in Astoria.