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Michiyo Fukushima

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"77th street & Broadway" Watercolor on paper, 2008
"Frick collection" Watercolor on paper, 2008
"Fire escape - Red" Watercolor on paper, 2005
"Fire escape - Blue, Red" Watercolor on paper, 2006
Artist's Statement

One day while walking I looked up and saw them, practically everywhere, guardians mounted on the buildings. They tirelessly look over us, protecting us from the bad spirits. I made a point of constantly looking for more of the guardians in the city and found they were my muse, different shapes, different mythologies but the same effect. I feel like they whisper to me, “Don’t worry about anything, we are here to protect you, we are strength and grace.”

If architects and sculptors put their spirit into the creation of those effigies the energy has been united and amplified through time with our energy in pursuing life to its fullest extent. I strive to bring that energy to my paintings in hope that you too can hear the whisper -Michiyo Fukushima 2008


Michiyo Fukushima is NY based fine artist. Her works have appeared and been featured in numerous newspapers and art magazines including the International Herald Tribune and American Artist magazine. Represented by Fischbach Gallery. Teaching at NY Academy.

More detailed bio is available on the web site.