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Michelle Provenzano

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
True Bruiser - 17" x 14" - ink and colored pencil
Sheep Parade - 17" x 14" - ink and colored pencil
Greed Pizza - 17" x 14" - ink and colored pencil
Double Shadow Carpet One - 22" x 30" - watercolor
Double Shadow Carpet Reach - 30" x 22" - watercolor
Artist's Statement

I am interested in circumstances and settings that provide inspiration for improvised play, imitation and generosity, as well as ways in which these exchanges affect identity. In my work, which includes watercolor, drawing and interactive projects, I seek to qualify the subtle complex gestures - 'slips' - that pass quickly between people in self-conscious and unguarded moments. Slips manifest as expressions of tenderness, mimicry and private reverie that belie secret desires just as they elude physical staying power and memory. For me, these exchanges, whether perceived or imagined signify the substance for meaningful human connection.


Michelle Provenzano has exhibited her work Internationally in Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland and Nationally in the New York area. She currently lives and works in her studio in Jackson Heights, which is just under thirty minutes by subway into Manhattan. Country Music, Karaoke, Kite Flying, the television show "American Idol," Yoga and Shadows have served as subjects for her ongoing inquiry into uncovering and exploring the intersections between Authenticity and Imitation that exist in interpersonal relationships.

She begins every day with a spontaneous drawing as part of a decade-long practice called Slips. Ramona, her new kitten has joined-in this morning ritual by pushing and chasing pencils across the floor.

Please visit my website to download my resume. Thank you.