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Michelle-Marie Letelier

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Michelle-Marie Letelier
Born in Rancagua, Chile, 1977. Lives and works in Berlin.
Michelle-Marie Letelier is interested in exploitations of minerals, working across topographic changes of a landscape, juxtaposed with the speculation of resources within the current economical framework.
She spent her early life in Chuquicamata—the biggest open-pit copper mine in the world—in the Atacama Desert. This fact served her as a starting point in her practice, documenting the town’s burial process through video and photography.
Since establishing in Berlin, Letelier has focused on copper and coal; minerals which have also become objects themselves in her drawings, paintings, objects and installations.
The work of Michelle-Marie Letelier is seen as socio-politically relevant, especially in times of unveiled globalization, the increasing scarcity of raw materials and the crisis of the neoliberal model.


Michelle-Marie Letelier (1977 in Rancagua, Chile) obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Universidad Católica de Chile. Since 2007 she is based in Berlin, Germany.

Recent solo shows include Die Feinfühlige Zone at Die Ecke Gallery, Santiago, Chile and Doomed scape at Perlini Arte Gallery, Padua, Italy.

Recent group shows include Magic Block at Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway; To Seize Matter and Leave a Landscape at West Germany, Berlin, Germany and X Video and Media Arts Biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile. Her videos have been exhibited in several screenings and festivals across the world.

In 2005 she participated in the Mercosur Biennial. She participated in the Goldrausch Program in 2010. In 2012 she was awarded a first edition of ORA prize.

She is currently on residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP).