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Michelle Kaufman

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Crisis/Equilibrium/Inflation 3 36" x 72" Oil On Canvas
Crisis (Personalized) I 48" x 48" Oil On Canvas
Crisis (Personalized) II 60" x 60" Oil On Canvas
Inflation/Unserviceble Debt/Income Inequality (Surreal) 48" x 48" Oil On Canvas
Crisis (Surreal) 24" x 48" Oil On Canvas
Artist's Statement

I am creating a series of works focused on elucidating the dynamics of the long cycles (100-300 years) of growth and decline that the world’s economy has been experiencing for the last five thousand years.

It is a complicated topic that involves many components: the algorithms for Preferential Attachment, Ibn Khaldun’s concept of Asabiyya, Goldstone’s research on the drivers of state breakdown, and historical practices of debt forgiveness.

I started the work this summer with a Post-Malthusian series of works depicting Equilibrium, Inflation, and Crisis. I have continued to research the dynamics of growth and decline and I look forward to making these dynamics tangible in as many ways as I can think of. I aim to employ enough abstraction and surrealism to surprise. I work intuitively and I often do not fully understand why I am drawn to certain images until later.



B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, Economics, 1986
33 credits, 4.0 gpa, Studio Art and Art History, Hunter College, 2007-2010
Group Exhibition, Yashar Gallery, NY, 2010
Trance Pose Solo Show, Piola, NY, 2010
Reality Gallery finalist, NY Studio Gallery, NY, 2010
Slide Slam, Real Art Ways, CT, 2010
Small Wonders, Jordan Faye Contemporary, MD, 2009
Art bazaar, Lyons Wier Gallery, NY, 2009
Hunter College Student Show, Hunter College, 2007-2010
Soho20 Small Works Show, Soho20, NY, 2007
Coast to Coast, Ivo and Lulu, NY, 2007
mini: Exhibition of Miniature Art, Guilford Art Center, CT,  2007


Artslant 4th 2010 Showcase Winner Juried Competition, Painting.