Michelle Carollo

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Studio Location
In A Split
Aluminum Roll
Waste Tube
Artist's Statement

I make large- scale installations that are based on Modernist ideals: simplifying form, eliminating ornament, and arranging pure color. I play with the idea of making a painting in space. I am interested in translating illusionary space, like that found in painting, into physical space like that found in sculpture. I never subscribe completely to either medium. My process investigates mixing three- dimensional elements on two- dimensional painted surfaces - sculptural painting. The materials vary according to the visual effects I am trying to achieve. The elements are found, made, and painted, then compiled, collected, and constructed. I base each structure on a limited palette and a set of predetermined conditions: building, composing, and removing elements.


Michelle Carollo is an installation artist from Brooklyn, New York. She received her M.F.A. in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. Carollo was a recipient of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, Space Program, 2008-2009.