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Michele Beck

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Studio Location
DoorShadow is part of a series of short videos that explore the relationship between memory, image and sound.
Inspired by a month long stay in Cappadocia, Turkey, Cave uses all local materials to draw on the history of the region.
Artist's Statement

Michele Beck’s work de-constructs the human psyche to some of its most primitive components and presents broken down forms of language, archaic sounds, emotional experiences, thoughts and psychological processes. The single channel videos, installations and performances function much like poems, choosing the minimum of materials in order to articulate internal spaces where the unconscious has free rein, and where primitive trauma is worked through, re-created and mastered. The result is an artistic work that is frightening, disconcerting, disorienting and a truly visceral eye-opening experience to behold. Michele often collaborates with the artist Jorge Calvo.


Michele Beck is an interdisciplinary artist working with single channel video, installation, sound and performance. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including: The ICA in London, Galerie Chez Valentin in Paris, The Bronx Museum, The Queens Museum, PS122, Inport Video-Performance Festival in Estonia, LA Freewaves and the Kassler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest in Kasel, Germany. She has received grants from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Michele has been granted multiple residencies at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, New York and recently completed a residency in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Michele is currently an Associate Part Time Professor at the New School in the Department of Media Studies and Film.