Michela Muserra

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Artist's Statement

"The characters created by Michela Muserra are anatomically hypertrophic, inspired by the manga and anime style, and partially by the typical disproportion of the Kokeshi dolls. Large heads and dreaming eyes are physical attributes that refer to the childhood, as well as to the world of cartoons. The work of Michela Muserra can be defined as “kawaii”, a Japanese term that corresponds to the English “cute” and is used to describe anything that is sweet and adorable, but also extremely vulnerable. The artist’s figures possess a disarming power of charm that is expressed by the often used happy expression, a mask behind which, a more selfish and untamed instinct predominate, as confirmed by the repetitive use of the word “Self” in most of her works. The pop allure of her early works has been replaced by an investigation into concepts and ideas inspired by the greatest spiritual masters of all time."


Michela Muserra is an Italian artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
She works with galleries in Italy, New York and Shanghai.
Her works was recently included in the book "Italian Newbrow" by Ivan Quaroni.
Please visit www.mumiki.com for more info.