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Michael Voss

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Fuentes" 2009 oil on canvas
"Ana Garcia" 2008 oil on canvas
"KLEBER SALAS" 2009 oil on canvas
"Jaqueline" 2008 oil on canvas
"untitled" (one) 2007 oil on canvas
Artist's Statement

 As a painter I believe there are as many ways to make a painting as there are possibilities to do anything else in life. My work has been to explore some of these possibilities. Therefore , there is not a preconceived set of rules that drive my work, but an explorative, quite intuitive and open-ended process, that is aware of not only the improvisorial character of the painting at hand, but also of  the provisional character of the notion of painting itself.The single painting achieves its resolution through it’s own means. Or, in other words: the painting is specific.


Michael Voss was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.He studied at the academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, where he became Meisterschueler of Prof. Gerd Winner. In 1997 he received a Grant from the German Academic  Exchange Service (DAAD).
Since 1997 he has been living in New York, where he graduated from the MFA program at  Hunter College in 2000. He has shown at Galerie Wittenbrink in Munich, Germany, Charlotte Jackson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, and with Eugene Binder in Marfa, TX.