Michael Poast

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
MUSE II, painted steel, Heckscher Park, LI
STARBURST, painted steel, Yonkers, NY
WINDY VOYAGE, painted steel, Hebrew Home Collection
Oburate Tower and Unanswered Question, split wood and steel
Artist's Statement

Having an affinity for using torch and flame to work metal, MICHAEL POAST, finds welding a direct process for the phyisicality of spatial confrontation. Cutting into raw steel releases violent emotions in the jagged-edged negative spaces and at the same time reveals a beauty to the smooth linear hard steel. Bridged together sections and charged sweeping forms evoke expansive spatial tension and a feeling of final cessation. Color adds a 4th dimension as it "unfolds-in-time" similar to a music composition and the relationship to sound. Other influences on Poast's work include trees and natural branching patterns, native American Indian art, ancient scripts and music notation.


MICHAEL POAST, sculptor, currently demonstrated his use of large formats in steel in Thresholds of Dimension, a solo outdoor sculpture show located in The Garden Gallery, Peekskill, NY. STARBURST, another of Poast's steel pieces, installed in Yonkers, NY sponsored by Blue Door Art Association is part of the city's public art program and, "WINDY VOYAGE" acquired by The Hebrew Home in Riverdale, NYpermanent collection. POAST exhibited in New York City at Trinity Place in Lower Manhattan and at the famous Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum. Poast has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum, Gallery 151 , Bowery, NY and upstate galleries.

Recently awarded a grant from the Gottlieb Foundation(emergency funds) to help establish a new studio space. Poast is professor at St. John's University and Pratt Institute.