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Michael Krasowitz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"A nuns priests Tale" oil on linen
" A Summer Day" oil on linen, H:36"xW:48:
"Blue Moon" oil on linen
"Krasowitz 6" oil on linen
"orb" oil on linen
Artist's Statement

My work is a search for greater meaning, a search for truth.  My process is to reconcile abstract imagery with a non linear narrative.  In other words I seek to find structure via the abstraction to create a cohesive composition and interaction of forms.
It is my hope that this expression is the truest form of my psyche possible, unencumbered by the prejudices of conscious thought and intent.  I act as a conduit or translator of the abstract subconscious motivations within me.


I primarily work in 2D media currently. I work with painting in oil, traditional printmaking techniques, as well as digital drawing.  My background is varied, I have worked as a photographer for most of my life.  I began printmaking and drawing first, as I felt that the necessity of the concrete world dictated by the photographic image limited what I was trying to express.  Painting, working in color, came many years after working in black and white imagery