Michael Hall

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled - Prince1, 2009, tar, wood, paint
Untitled - Prince2, 2009, tar, wood, paint
Untitled - 130, 2008, tar, wood, paint
Untitled - 125, 2002, tar, wood, paint
Untitled - 137, 1997, tar, canvas, paint
Artist's Statement

Michael Hall lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Primarily sculptural, his work centers on the representation of iconic images and objects, appropriating specific attributes and translating them into new forms. His work is heavily influenced by the practical measures of the fine art world, often speaking through the language of art handling and archival practices.
In his series of monochromatic sculptures, Hall works with the physical and conceptual structure of framing as both a means of recontextualizing an image and recreating it as a sculptural object. First working with found frames, then moving on to those of his own creation, his works employ the vocabulary of minimalism and historic monochrome painting to evoke the space and physical presence of art objects.
Michael Hall is currently the Director of Exhibitor Relations for The Armory Show, the international art fair taking place annually in New York City.