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Michael Buckland

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
spray paint
Kinetic Sculpture, fan, bucket, bleach bottle, et cetera
Fan Page
Stamp, styrofoam, resin, rubber, ink, paper
purple felt on canvas
Artist's Statement

The work may often be seen as a one liner or quick joke but might also be described as aphoristic. The pejorative connotation of the term fails to entertain the possibility that rather than being reductive or oversimplifying, the one liner is merely an efficient and quietly multi-dimensional carrier of meaning. The content/material delves into all corners of the quotidian detritus that surrounds us, from toilet paper to magic wands to language to politics on TV. More descriptive than prescriptive, it's a sweet little pill that may carry a bitter aftertaste. I am sure that explains everythin


    Michael Buckland was born somewhere in South Africa or Canada and currently lives in New York. His work has been shown in various venues in North America, Europe, and Asia. His current project to stop the earth's rotation so he can get off is not going well. Any slowing of the planet he has achieved thus far is nearly impossible to measure.