Mia Brownell

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Artist's Statement

I'm not into agriculture or gardening, but every supermarket I walk into, wherever in America, I am transported to a unique place without seasons. Walls and pyramids of perfectly lit produce stop time and quote biblical notions of Eden. The whole concept of not having a winter is a little absurd, no matter how amazing it looks. The synthesis of these natural and artificial states creates an ambiguity that I find captivating.
American attitudes towards food as a commodity fascinate me. My paintings embrace a fusion of traditional still life techniques and scientific models of proteins, sublimated by notions of American dyspepsia.


Mia Brownell was born in Chicago, Illinois to a sculptor and biophysicist. She has had solo exhibitions in major American cities including New York, Boston and Washington, DC. Mia’s paintings are in several private, corporate, and public art collections including Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments and the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. Her work has been reviewed by The Boston Globe, New York Times, New Haven Advocate, Hartford Courant, The Buffalo News, The Journal News and the San Francisco Weekly. Her artwork has been featured in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture, Chicago Art Journal, Issues in Science and Technology and Hi-Fructose. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon and State University of New York at Buffalo, Mia teaches painting and drawing at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven.