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MGM Grand

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Royce (Detroit), August 2009 photo by Garrett McLean
Easy Royce (NYC), December 2009 photo by Ian Douglas
Pre New Gree (NYC), Spring 2008 photo by Karen Chang
TONIGHT (NYC), December 2008 photo by MAK
New Gree (TOUR), Summer 2008 photo by Paige Martin
Artist's Statement

MGM Grand has toured much of the US dancing around anywhere. MGM Grand Works: Detroit Royce (2009), dajointe (2009), TONIGHT (2008), New Gree (2007), THIS DANCE IS CALLED GREE. IT IS FROM BEDSTUY. (2006), Maynard (2005). We want to make highly structured dances immediately specific to the space they are in, informed by the floor, the walls, the smells, the trees, the air, the audience, the neighborhood, the people, the history.