Meridith Pingree

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This is the intersection of two hyperbolic seven sided shapes. It hangs above your head and changes shape as you move.
Commissioned sculpture for Richard and Lisa Baker. The linkage of motors & motion sensors resembles a live organism.
Artist's Statement

My artwork physically tracks human behavior and traffic patterns using quasi-scientific, homespun, reactive sculptures. I use sensors to pick up on people’s energy and movement throughout a space. My work exists as amplifications of this subtle energy, creating unconventional, complex portraits of people and spaces.

The work functions in a way that is similar to many quasi-scientific devices like aura cameras and mood rings. The realization of each piece inevitably sets up a study. Action within the sprawling electronic systems of brains and guts creates a force to react against as the piece simultaneously responds back in a cyclical, chaotic nature.


Meridith Pingree is a brooklyn based artist known for her quirky reactive sculptures, and squishy geometric forms. Her work has been shown in recent solo exhibitions at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles, and Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Other recent exhibitions included her work at the Bronx Museum, Smack Mellon, The Soap Factory, BravinLee Programs, Triple Candie, Heskin Contemporary, and Gallery Satori among others. A hanging kinetic piece was recently commisioned by She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in sculpture and an alumni of Skowhegan. Pingree's work has been written about in the New York Times, Art Week, The Brooklyn Rail, Vellum Magazine, Art Fag City and KCLOG among others.