Merav Ezer

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Peribolos, ink on paper & iron stand, 2012
Rebuilt Delphi, columns detail, 2012
Spatial Adjustment, images 1-15 ,9X12, ink on watercolor paper, 2012
Wrapping You a Gift , 34X50, ink on Watercolor paper, 2012
Borders, still image from a performance, 2012
Artist's Statement

I’m inspired by architectural spaces. I aim to explore how spaces influences people. I address concepts of mobility across both conceptual and physical dimensions. I am interested in how a spatial awareness helps to shape people’s experiences as well as influence their social interactions. I’m curious to challenge people's perceptions and to engage their reactions when they enter a space.

I explore the necessity and quest for home by designing portable self-made architecture and transitional environments. While several environments serve as architectural blueprints that aim to mark a space, others address my concerns using physical objects. All my projects always brings a sense of ephemerality.

My works have a minimal aesthetic. This choice reflects my understanding of the nomadic mindset, informed as it is by the limited luggage nomads carry. Therefore, the environments I build in my installations usually contain few materials.


Merav Ezer is a Tel Aviv born sculptor and video artist, who llives in New York City since 2002. She holds a Bachelors of Education from Beit- Berel College and an MFA from SUNY Purchase. Ezer has participated in New York and international exhibitions. Her work has been shown at the Andy Warhol Factory, Hendershot Gallery, the Cypress Video Art Festival, Williamsburg Video Art, Scope New York, and the Abington Arts center, among other venues. Her work received favorable reviews in such periodicals as Sculpture Magazine, The Journal of International Woman Studies, The Jewish Press, and World Sculpture News. She has been an artist in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Ezer was selected to Smack Mellon Hot Picks 2007, the Experimental Television Center, and won the Finishing Funds award in 2007 for her work Air Condition. Her first book, Second Skin, was published in 2009.