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Melissa Murray

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
turn around bring her home 2012 work on paper
they are yours, they are lost work on paper
the sounds of broken bone 2012 work on paper
the best laid plans 2012 work on paper
your last breath 2012 work on paper
Artist's Statement

My work focuses on the idea of freezing an active moment of thought. Walking the daily line, events occur that shift our paths in drastic ways, creating a pattern of personalized images that are swiftly tucked away in our subconscious. Some memories hold tight to the insides of eyelids as others find a translucent wall to blend with, harder to find as the mind demands that they show themselves. I maintain a studio practice where my thoughts are bombarded with a successive rotation of images, the clusters begin to gather into a pattern through which a metaphor and visual narrative is born. By focusing on the presented theme, patterns, colors and shifts in space begin to narrate my compositions. I rely on a stream of conscious to present me with an honest story, making each of my works a collection of coded memories quieted yet clarified by capturing the slightest moment in thought.


I am currently representing Causey Contemporary in the Brooklyn Montreal artist exchange through two solo exhibitions in the US and Canada. Selected group exhibitions at the MOSI Museum in Tampa, Florida, the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA, Chashama in New York, NY and Causey Contemporary, and 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY. Solo exhibitions at Fuse Gallery, AdHoc Art and Causey Contemporary. My work has been published and or reviewed in L magazine, The Village Voice, The Montreal Gazette, Juxtapoz Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, Muse Magazine and the NY Arts Magazine.