Melissa Chernowetz

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Trailer for the shadow puppetry show, "The Legend of the Jersey Devil" by Melissa Chernowetz
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Trailer for the shadow puppetry show, "The Three Billy Goats Great" by Melissa Chernowetz
Artist's Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist who has been fascinated by shadow and light as well as the performing arts of music and storytelling, I embarked on a journey of shadow puppetry because it encompasses everything that I love. The contrast between a dark figure in the foreground and a background awash with bright, dramatic tones is very moving to me. The focus of my subject matter is endeavoring to uncover universal truths within my storytelling; symbology that rests in the subconscious mind of every human being regardless of country and culture. My work aims to conjure images that suddenly loom out of the darkness in a burst of light and color. My drive pushes me to begin working on a larger scale and to create puppets that have never been seen before. Creating magical experiences for children of all ages is very dear to my heart.


I first saw Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette film "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" seven years ago. I was very moved and watched the film several times, hoping to absorb its beauty by osmosis. Inspired by the simplicity and frugality of paper puppets and a light bulb, I realized that shadow puppetry was the perfect medium for a multidisciplinary artist such as myself. I wrote scripts, composed music, and built puppets, improving my craft with every build. I formed my own puppet company and have been performing for schools, libraries and cultural centers. Out of a desire to capture a moment of shadow puppetry and freeze it, I began to create papercuts which are illuminated by homemade LED circuits. Learning to make LED circuits has informed my shadow puppetry and I have begun to build lights into the puppets.