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Mel Smothers

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
'Dear Andy #147' 24"X24" Oil on canvas 2010. Inscribed; "Dear Andy~There's a Square Rigger off the point~Mel"
'Dear Andy #125' 66"X54" Oil on canvas 2009. Inscribed; "Dear Andy~There's a woman at the cove who says she knows you~Mel"
'Dear Andy #118 66"X54" Oil on canvas 2009 Inscribed; "Dear Andy~It's the fourth of July~Mel"
'Dear Andy #125' 10"X10" Oil on paper 2008 Inscribed; "Dear Andy~I found a wedding album in the surf~Mel"
'Dear Andy #33' 24"X24" Oil on canvas 2007. Inscribed; "Dear Andy~Lillies blooming between the cabins~Mel"
Artist's Statement

I read in the NY Times a few years ago that Andy Warhol's ocean-side estate at Montauk, NY was sold. I made a point of driving out to get a feel for the place. It's been almost fifty years since Andy was a very busy guy in New York City; he was famous, he was mass producing contemporary art, he was using images he found in the NY Times. Montauk wasn't on Andy's calendar much. His famous friends liked it out there, and I took a look around and like it too.  I started painting Andy postcards thinking he would have liked that.
My work proposes a dialog between visual artists in a tradition of van Gogh's letters to Emile Bernard; Charlie Russell's letters to Cutapuis, (the Blackfoot sculptor,) and most recently, CG Jung's, Livor Novis.


Solo Exhibitions: Judaica Museum, Elma and Milton A Gilbert Pavillion Gallery of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, New York City, Spring 2009,. Emily O'Leary, curator.      Group Exhibitions: "30th Annual Emerging Artists 2007 Invitational," Houghton Gallery, Cooper Union, New York City, 2007.    Public Arts Projects:  "Endangered World, Biscayne National Park. Installation with Xavier Cortada, 2010.   Light Rail train station, 72" X 192" 3D mural and 24-48"X48" Flip image panels, 2003.    Education: MFA, University of Idaho. Post-BA, University of California, Davis, CA. Professor Wayne Thiebaud. BA, Studio Art, California State University at Sacramento, CA.  Collections: Judaica Museum, New York City, 2009. Brooklyn Museum, New Your City, 2008. Higgenbotham Museum, Virginia, 2007.