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Megan Suttles

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Fragmented Memory, Aluminum, 2012
Quiet Noise, 10,000 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps, 2011
Dissect, L-Brackets, 2012
Silent Noise, Monofilament and Tape, 2012
Intangible, Monofilament and Tape, 2011
Artist's Statement

My artwork is mostly based on anxiety and control. I have been exploring the eternal struggle between restraint and disorder: the way we tend to conceal our inner confusion with the outward appearance of refinement and perfection. My work has become focused on revealing this chaos; making the invisible visible again. I work mostly with everyday industrial materials such as aluminum tubing, packing tape, monofilament, L-brackets, and hose clamps. Through gestural installations, I reveal my understanding of the difference between uncertainty and certainty.


I am a Brooklyn, NY based artist and the owner and curator of Hot Wood Arts. Hot Wood Arts is an arts center that was developed to encourage collaboration, inspiration, and friendship in an urban environment. The center host gallery shows, performances, and resident artists’ open studios through out the year.