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Megan Bisbee-Durlam

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Even Smaller Cracks (2010) 36"x 36" acrylic and gouache on panel.
Overlooking (2009) 12"x 9", acrylic and gouache on paper.
What We bring (2010) 36"x 36" acrylic and gouache on panel.
Opimistic Landscape (interior detail #1) (2009) 10'x 10'x 5', found objects, hot glue, paint, moving lights.
Opimistic Landscape (interior detail #2) (2009) 10'x 10'x 5', found objects, hot glue, paint, moving lights.
Artist's Statement

I am interested in form and the transcendence of form: the state of moving beyond physical senses (taste, touch, etc.) that is known only through intuition and direct experience. It is the link between known and unknown, concretion and abstraction. Witnessing this in-between place is where inspiration and authenticity is cultivated and where meaning is made. I believe in an inherent human need to witness meaning being made out of a seemingly fragmented, concrete existence. I collect mundane, often discarded materials (straws, toothpicks, fruit netting, pipe cleaners, plastic bags, etc.) as well as imagery in the form of post cards, stickers, advertisements, other people’s art and my own sketches. With my collection of life debris and materials such as paint and glue I make sculptural assemblages, landscape-like installations and paintings.


Megan Bisbee-Durlam, born 1983, grew up in Vermont and in 2005 received her BFA from Alfred University. Represented by Lohin Geduld Gallery (NYC) she has also shown at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center (Buffalo), Tampa Museum of Art, Firehouse Gallery (Burlington, VT) and Flinn Gallery (Greenwich, CT). Megan's work was published in edition #56 of New American Paintings. Reviews of her shows have appeared in Buffalo News and The Gay City News. Megan was visiting lecturer at the University of South Florida and Alfred University. She attended Vermont Studio Center on full fellowship in 2009. Megan lives and works in Brooklyn.