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Mayra Sergranes

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Geisha Paper Doll- Front image
Geisha Paper Doll- Back image
Crochet Rug made out of plastic bag
Angel Wreath made out of toilet paper rolls
spray painted vase with cut out double happiness sign, paper flowers made out of paper bags spray painted
Artist's Statement

I'm a social worker who also upcycles materials such as plastic, cardboard, and paper for art and everyday items. I have a blog that currently exhibits my work. My blog is at I hope to make people see that everyday items that would have been discarded can be turned into both art and reusable items. My studio location right now is the corner of my bedroom. I have no real space and will continue to work here until such time as a free space becomes available


I'm a social worker who has done some poetry and essay writing. But the last few years I have been totally inspired to make dolls and other items out of paper and plastic. I love the fact that nothing goes to work and that in the end something interesting, artistic and even useful can come out of it.