Maya Quattropani

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
The Game of Touch, 2015, Live action-game, Public school - Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation
Chasing Project, 2013, Analogical b/w photo, Fine Art Silver print
BRP Fart, 2012, Analogical b/w photo, Fine Art Silver print
BRP Cough, 2015, Live action-game, Site-specific NY Transit Museum
The Narrating City, 2013-2014, Analogical b/w photos, Fine Art Silver print, Watercolour drawings by E.Leveque
Artist's Statement

I am an Italian visual artist, art teacher and researcher working with performance, analogical photography, video, sound and textual/narrative installations. My interests are artistic Avant-gardes, traditional Fine Art photography, psychoanalysis, medical science and anthropology. The current research I focus on is the concept of body as living musical instrument related with theories about personality, communication, mental automatism, psychogeographic drift, experimental pedagogy and alternative game rules. My work is an archive-in-progress of human daily rituals developed in participative actions/games/workshops/excursions involving people to cooperate to the construction of a new (artistic) community.


I was born in 1983 in Ragusa (Italy) and I live in New York (NY) and Turin (IT).
I studied Applied Arts receiving my Degree in Master of Art from Gagini Art Institute between 1998 to 2002, I received my BFA in Painting form Michelangelo Castello Academy in 2006, and my MFA in Visual and Performing Arts from Albertina Academy of Turin in 2008. I conduct experimental didactic programs and participate in group shows, art festivals, site-specific events collaborating with private and public schools, museums, foundations, galleries, no-profit organizations. My work has been exhibited in Italy, United States, Australia, Germany, France, Hungary and Sud Corea.
Actually I am a recipient of DE.MO. MOVIN’UP I session 2015 grant, promoted by Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists in the world, to support my residency in Flux Factory, Long Island City (NY).