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This work represents the dialectical materialistic nature of human beings.
Artist's Statement

This work has been the brainchild of mine that I have carefully nurtured for the past 3 months. I sincerely hope and wish that the artistic community will rally behind me with the profound, underlying message of this piece. The simple wooden log represents the world as we now know it; stark, culturally starved, and desolate. The silver represents the powerful bourgeoisie, who has controlled the wealth of the world for hundreds of years, and who's ambitions are to make life miserable. The silver is seen creeping alongside the world, as the aristocrats slowly but surely reflect their world views and see the globe turn into their own personal bank account. The nails driven into the wood represent the working-class, who are the ones who give support to the world, and who help it hold together. The braided rope signifies the unity of the working-class.


Mraxwell Clegane is a beginning artists based now in New York, but originally from Virginia. He graduated from The Berlin University of the Arts in 2008, and moved to Manhattan in 2011.Upon arrival, he threw himself into the artistic culture of New York City, visiting museums, viewing galleries, and watching street artists creating their works.
Mr. Clegane was first inspired to make his piece, Eternal Struggle, after noticing the situations of the working-class of New York versus the affluent members of society. Maxwell has often stated he is a follower of cultural Marxism in the sense that the aristocratic upper-classes are ripping off the hard-working families of the laborers. He feels that a great sense of injustice has befallen the once prosperous state of New York, and he wishes to express his discontent with it by creating art to vocalize his claims.