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Maximiliano Siñani

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Pizza, art object, grass glued in a 2 Bros pizza, New York, 2011
DVD Player, art object, glued glued in a DVD Player, New York, 2012
Skateboard, art object, cotton glued in a skateboard, New York, 2011
Cup, art object, hair glued in a Coca-Cola cup, New York, 2011
Wheel on wheels, art object, four wheels holding a bicycle wheel, New York, 2012
Artist's Statement

Treating the signifier of common objects to be transformed into a new signifier. A linguistic lap where the object will show a complete transformation.

Jean Paul Sartre describes the existentialist everyday as every conscious existence exist as a consciousness of existing making everything in relation about our everyday (Toute existence consciente existe comme une conscience de tout ce qui fait existant en ce qui concerne notre quotidien). Transforming every time reaching for the beauty expression, by the sense of a specific subjective perception, perhaps about things that appear in the street as a principal factor to get the inspiration and ideas to find that beauty. Walking in the streets to look over those objects that we use for different purposes, are our proof of existence. Reaching for a transformation.


Maximiliano Siñani (born March 6, 1989) is a prominent Bolivian artist based in New York. He was born in La Paz, Bolivia, educated in the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz and continued in New York at the School of Visual Arts. His works are based in the everyday, treating the signifier of common objects to be transformed into a new signifier. A linguistic lap. His pieces were showing in several exhibitions such as the Art Basel Miami Beach, Paratissima in Torino, Italy and the Bienal Siart Bolivia. A constant world traveler, Siñani and his wife Ilaria Garbero, divide their time between La Paz and New York.