Mattie Hillock

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iosVoyeur (screenshot series) (background for site specific:
1andscape with sphere (.jpg)
Mandel Landscape (.jpg)
Rise: i am the ball, nyc is the room (still from .gif)
Artist's Statement

Digital Symbiosis. Traditionally trained in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. I explore digital media, through images still and moving, along with installations. I work deliberately with public and personal images. Through a process of editing, adding, and subtracting data via programming & transferring; I am concerned with movement; I want to create a narrative in each piece, mimicking a movie scene. I focus strongly on the contents of the image whether it contains figures or landscapes, the data manipulation is only a background aspect. My work is constantly interacting with ideas of negative space, iconic imagery, harmony, and disharmony.


Born 1991, harvey, illinois. currently lives and works in new york
matthew hillock accepted into the cooper union for advancement of science and art after his high school education, left the institute to reassess & later finished his degree at pratt institute his work has been shown in chicago, new york, paris, & venice