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Matthew-Robin Nye

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Self-Portrait 2011 (2011). Mixed-Media Installation. Photograph of the artists’s bed.
Queer Bedfellows (2010). Empire State Building and Chrysler Building/Bank of America Building w gay porn soundtrack; Twin Towers
Be The Best Person in the Entire World for 25 Cents (2010). Performance and Installation
Unlocked Doors (2011). Concept Image for proposed sculptural installation of urban skyline and tomb
Club of the Sons (2010). Installation. A vaguely and artificially upside down room.
Artist's Statement

Matthew-Robin Nye utilizes the intersections of architecture, mythology and sexuality to define new structures of decentralized power, understanding and identity. By applying the principles of otherness and inversion which are inherent to ‘queerness’, Nye’s work investigates the paradigms of sobriety, structural preeminence and heteronormativity in gestures which draw parallels to the the processes essential in the construction of new identities and mythologies; the ‘queering’ of architectural codeces by their inversion, ridicule and exposure is the start of a fragmentation of the power structures that they represent, and the construction of the queer - or queered - identity and built environment.


Matthew-Robin Nye is and Artist-In-Residence at Flux Factory in New York. In early 2010, he left Pratt Institute’s Master of Architecture to focus on his artistic practice. Focusing his work on the intersection of sexuality, mythology and architecture, he has exhibited in Canada at MADE, the Gladstone Hotel, Nuit Blanche; Greece at the Benaki Museum; in the U.S. at PS1 with Raketa Press, as part of Bruce High Quality Foundation's Field of Dreams, at Flux Factory and DoVA Temp in Chicago. He has an upcoming collaboration with the video collective Paper Tiger Television on Manhattan's MNN, a solo exhibition at Flux Factory, and forthcoming exhibitions and collaborations in Denmark and Sweden.