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Matthew M. Kaelin

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Neikea- photograph of Dionaea muscipula
Eryale- photograph of Drosera regia
Empusa- photograph of Cephalotus follicularis
Proioxis- photograph of Nepenthes lowii x spectabilis hybrid
Aesthetic Display of Nepenthes 'The Succubus'
Matthew M.
Artist's Statement

Voluptuas Succubus:

The collection of photographs are of the exotic hybrids and rare species of carnivorous plants the Artist has been cultivating for over a decade, most of which are very rarely seen at even the most highly regarded Botanical Gardens.
These images represent the characteristics of the specimens, yet are much more than a series of static botanical profiles. The tight framing of the subjects in their space brings the observer into the world of the plants from the viewpoint of their prey. This portrays the sensual attraction and the sinister nature that these plants possess and as such, the series is named for Voluptuas, the Greek Goddess of the sensual pleasures and the Succubus, female demons that seduce and feed upon the souls of their victims. The individual works are then named for legendary female goddesses, monsters and spirits from ancient Greek mythology to create a collection inspired by the femme fatale.


An accomplished cultivator of carnivorous plants for well over a decade, Matthew M. Kaelin has won numerous horticultural awards, exhibited photography at fine-art galleries, lectured for academic presentations, published articles internationally and is currently involved in a conservation survey of Long Island’s native carnivorous plants.

Fine Art Exhibitions:
South Fork Natural History Museum, Bridgehampton, NY
Solo exhibition, October 2013
Viridian Artists, Chelsea, NY
3rd International Juried Photography Competition, February-March 2013
Long Island Natural History Conference, Brookhaven National Labs NY, December 2013
International Carnivorous Plant Society Newsletter, March 2013
Volume 42, No. 1 New Cultivars, ‘The Succubus’