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Matthew Adam

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Oil on canvas -
Mixed media on plywood -
This is a work I just started in the past week, one session. It will serve as a base sketch and underpainting.
A set of works in various states of progress, oil, acrylics, marker on canvas
This is progress on a long term deconstruction painting, oil on canvas, in it's early to mid stages, 20% finished.
Artist's Statement

My work is currently based on a reformation of the artistic process and the way in which the artist relates to his and her art, and the self.
The aim is to create an ability to freely compose and create images with the training of the artist as a method of developing the self and the use of learning and the importance of choice to develop exponential and versatile personal tools rather than linear pavlovian skills.
The goal is to understand the meaning and purpose behind artistic choices and wield that understanding and meaning. Engineered beauty, accomplished through the non-chaotic chaos of devotion to the path of the self.


Jan 2010 - Taylor and Mackenzie gallery, NYC West 26th St.
"Introductions" group
Jan 2010 - Mattituck Laurel Library, solo
Feb 2010 - Southampton Rogers Memorial Library, solo
Mar 2010 - accepted PooL Art Fair, NYC West 26th St
May/Jun 2010 - Examiner. com 2 part series Matthew Adam - L.I.Graffiti

SUNY Buffalo - 1991 – 1994 3 yrs, Fine Arts
Huntington School of Fine Arts - 1994 – 1996 2 years Classic draw paint sculpt
Restoration Carpentry and owner of Southlake Craft Works - 1995 – 2003 Restoration in carpentry and artistry
Freelance Graphic Design Next Level Media NY - 2004 – Present
Creative Models, Hicksville, NY - March 2009-April 2010 Model making, sculpture, finishing, heat sublimation printing, light machining, casting, web design and development, Ivory carving, antique restoration, gilding, - A heavily varied and fast paced shop environment all centered upon sculptural hand work.