matt greco

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how many boats in an armada? (give a man a boat), 2010, clay, 154” x 300” x 6”
i think i came back on my sheild, 2011, clay, 60” x 36” x 7”
the machinations of the human condition pared down to a single expression, 2011, wood/metal/wire/paper, 110” x 48” x 12”
you best chain that shit, 2011, wood/steel/plastic/stone, 144” x 20” x 36”
not my leg, 2012, wood/saw/chair/bucket, 40” x 42” x 36”
Artist's Statement

It is always difficult to state what I do as an artist. Perhaps that is because what I do as an artist varies so much from day to day, year to year. Like many contemporary artists, I don’t pull inspiration from any one place, or even half a dozen places, at any given time. Influence, inspiration, interest, obsession; they seem to come at me from all directions all the time and I use what they leave me with to make my work. Often it is academic; sometimes I respond intellectually in my work to politics or global issues. Often it is emotional; personal experiences drive me to make work, although this work is rarely obvious, those personal emotional responses tend to obfuscate themselves.


I was born in 1976 to a pair of white middle class parents. In classic Gen X fashion I didn’t care much for that identity so I became a drug addict to escape it. That turned me into a poor white boy with no friends. Didn’t really care for that either, so I got myself cleaned up and became a low class white boy with a middle class upbringing and found that to be sufferable. Once I had found the identity with which I suffer today I decided to remount my pursuit of higher education. About six undergraduate programs later I graduated with a BFA from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah GA where I was awarded the Mryna Bezdek award in ceramics. I then made sure I would never be more than low class by graduating with a MFA from Queens College CUNY. Since I ceased to ruin my life with drugs I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work in galleries in New York, Georgia, California, Ohio and Ireland.