Mary Nicholson

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'Rose, Cherry, Rust, Flamingo' 30" X 40" x 1" 2014
'Revolution' 30" X 40" X 1" 2014
'Citizenfour' 4' X 5' X 2" 2014
'House of Cards' 4 X 5 X 2" 2014
'Martha' 4' X 5' X 2" 2014
Artist's Statement

The subject of my work revolves around themes of love, sex, desire, grief and passion. My paintings explore modern concepts of beauty.
Informed by Surrealism and Neo-expressionism the work is personal and presents the possibility of painting as a kind of catharsis-a means by which to unburden oneself of locked in secrets and desires. When executing the work I try to deny myself a state of consciousness about what I am doing and why I am doing it so that all the decisions in the artistic execution rest in pure intuition.
I paint mainly from photographic images, sometimes collaging disparate images together so as to suggest a new narrative. Most of the images were selected from contemporary magazines, websites, blogs and other archives.


Mary Nicholson currently lives and works in NYC. Born in England in 1969, she
received a BA in painting from Chelsea Collage of Art, London, 1992 and an MFA from
Hunter College, NY in 1995.
Her group exhibitions include ‘Up Against It’, Munch Gallery, NY; “Head Shop”, Exile
Gallery, Berlin; Curatorial Contrasts, BayArt, Wales; Materialism, Real Fine Arts Gallery,
Brooklyn, NY; Love for sale, NY Art Book Fair, P.S.1, Queens, NY; Troop48 NYC, John
Connelly Presents, NY and The Zine Unbound: Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic
Hippies, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, CA.
A solo exhibition of her work, “Pause”, was held at Autoversion, Ltd in NY in 2007.