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Mary Campbell

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Sitting and Knitting" Figment- Govorners Island
"48" Knit diary of the 48th year
"Ankamma" collage
small can mandala
Artist's Statement

Mary Campbells artwork originates from a combination of her life events and her interest in how our society shapes ideas.

In 2001 at the request to make a piece for the first "Day De Dada" performance art event on Staten Island she began "Sitting and Knitting" an ongoing creation in public and private of a continual piece of knitting. Began as a comment on competition in society, the performance has since evolved to a contemplation of the passage of time.

Presently working with the visual theme of mandalas- incorporating it into consciousness raising of hunger in society, this year two can mandala installations will be constructed and based on the impermanence of buddhist sand mandalas the food will be swept away by being delivered to food banks. 2d work is a series of collages of hindi Goddesses, Ankamma- protector with 1000 eyes and Annapoorna- goddess of food.


Presently a Snug Harbor Cultural Center Studio Artist, and an organizing member of "Day de Dada" a fluxus based, dada inspired Performance Art Collective.

Active in the East Village Art scene of the 80's she was included in many gallery shows and did several window installations there. Sharing studio space in the 2B Gas Station (Second Street and Avenue B, NYC), she curated several shows there and created a 6 foot wooden human heart sculpture on the studio grounds.

Born in New Britain, Ct, Mary received a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. and remained in NYC, moving to Staten Island in the late 80's.