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Martin Roth

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Artist's Statement

My work has always developed, unexpectedly, from my relationship and proximity to materials and spaces surrounding me. When I was a child, I found a dead mole in a trap in the garden outside my families home. After studying it and carrying it around with me for the entire afternoon, I placed it beneath an oriental rug in our house. The way the dead mole occupied and redefined the surface/object and its relation to the surrounding space is something I am still interested in exploring in my work. It also provided me with a glimpse of what it meant to be present and not present, here and there. It is a state of in-between; a lightness of presence that lies at the core of my interests today.


Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, 2007
MFA Hunter College, 2012

2010 April - HELL, NO! Convent of Saint Cecilia, New York (group show)
2010 April - BEING HERE, Hunter College, New York (group show)
2009 January - DOM IM BERG, ‘Soundscape’, Graz, Austria (solo show)
2008 July - SOHO IN OTTAKRING, ‘Stiller Marktschrei’, Vienna, Austria (group show)
2007 July - FIRST FLOOR GALLERY, ‘Earth Pain-t’, New York (group show)
2007 June - HIART GALLERY, ‘Selling Out’, New York (solo show)
2007 May - Protest Space, ‘Time’s up’, New York (group show)
2006 December - NEUE GALERIE, ‘Foerderungspreis’, Graz, Austria (group show)
2005 December - BRICK 5, ‘Ueberfluten’, Vienna (group show)
2005 September - ORF GALLERY, ‘preis:wert’, Graz, Austria (solo show)
2005 August - STADTMUSEUM, ‘Der grosse Baer’, Graz, Austria (group show)