martha walker

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Hourglass. 5'5" high x 2'3" round. 2009. Welded Steel, "Puddled" Process
The End Justifies The Means, Justifies The End... 9'4" high x 10' round. 2008. Welded Steel, "Puddled" Process
Passion Unfurled. 7' high x 4' wide x 3' deep. 2006. Welded Steel, "Puddled" Process.
The Survivors, #1 and #2. 5'8" high x 10" round and 5'3" high x 8" round. 2008. Welded Steel, "Puddled" Process.
Rise and Fall. 4'6" long x 2'9" high x 2'6" deep. 2009. Welded Steel, "Puddled" Process
Artist's Statement

I struggle not to plan ahead when I create art, but rather to look at each element of a sculpture as it reveals itself. I respond to what is in front of me, building each new element in relation to what came before. By working spontaneously, the journey is interesting, regardless of its length. Additionally, when creating works of "puddled" steel, I am working with metal that is literally fluid and molten as hot lava. Welding in this manner becomes a hypnotic experience that makes time stand still for long periods. The images that i form in molten metal, frozen by the natural cooling process, are, in part, my way of giving homage to the process. The organic forms of the flowing metal are consistent with my own subliminal images. Perhaps the hardest trick of all is to remain disciplined within the work, while remaining open to new possibilities.


Born in 1953 in Kansas City, Missouri, Martha was the youngest in the family, and the only girl. The Walkers moved four times by the time Martha Was eight years old, traveling to St. Louis, California, Seattle, Washington, and then Sweden. After three years in Europe, Martha completed her secondary education in Florida, and from 1971-1976, she attended Pratt Institute, majoring in sculpture. In 2001, Martha received a Masters Degree (graduating with honors) from Pratt Institute. She is a Brooklyn native, with 2 children.