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Marko Vojnic Gin

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Gallery Academia Moderna, Zagreb, Croatia 2012.
An artist is a dedicater parasite. Pencil on canvas 2012.
Gallery Buzzer 30, New York, USA 2010.
Gallery Karas, Zagreb, Croatia 2012.
Emptiness ask questions 2012.
Vojnic Gin
Artist's Statement

I have no statement. Do not even have a desire for a statement.
... since emptiness has always been my fundamental preoccupation.
Media is a parody of media.
Art is a parody of art. parody of etc...
Parody can not be parodied. Thats why there are so many obvious stupidities that are obvioous stupidities and not a parody.
I work from the position of a dead ant. Even though I am dead, I still fight for the disintegration of the system, of grammar. 'Let him fight dont you see hes dead', you are saying, the art is saying.
Who knows, who can tell, certainly not me. If my work is modern, postmodern, post mortem, something old, something new. There is hardly a person who after an afternoon nap, raises hers/his head and asks "Whats new?", as if the rest of the human race was standing on guard for him.
For supper i will eat chicken soup, thats it.


Marko Vojnić Gin: Born in Pula 1980.
Education: 2003. - 2007. Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb / 2008. PhD study at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb
Employmnet: 2007. - 2011. Art Assistant at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb
Solo exhibitions (selected): 2012. Galerija Academia Moderna, Zagreb / 2012. Galerija Nova, 8th Fair of Anarchist Books, Zagreb / 2010. Buzzer 30, New York, USA / 2008. Galerija Nova, 4th Fair of Anarchist Books, Zagreb / 2007. Galerija OK, MMC Palach, Rijeka / 2006. Galerija VN, Zagerb
Awards: 2008. Rector's Prize
Residencies: 2010. Flux Factory, New York, USA