Marina Zamalin

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Artist's Statement

The focus of my current work is on the effects of American industrial decline and how this decline is changing the country's landscape. In my Abandoned series, Detroit's structures are read as a physical map – abandoned buildings that are fluid markers in time and place that are both very present visually, but also disappearing from memory.


Marina Zamalin is a photographer and a video artist. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and a Master’s degree in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Poly. She was a recipient of the IDMI Institute scholarship and a Graduate Assistantship in Photography from Polytechnic University. In 2010, she has been accepted to participate in the Bronx Museum AIM program. Most recently, her artwork has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Historical Society, Palmetto A.I.R., Sentinel Gallery, and the TRA Gallery. Her current work includes a series of photographs documenting industrial landscapes across cities in the Eastern US. Marina grew up in Kiev, former Soviet Union; she currently lives in Brooklyn.