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Mariella Bisson

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Waterfall in Three Parts, 2012 MM/L 60 X 96"
Falls with Yellow Birch, 2011, MM/L 96 X 60"
Born in a Boulder, 2012, MM/L 96 X 60"
Walking Birch, Standing Pine, 2012, MM/L 60 X 96"
Waterfall in Southern Light, 2011, MM/L 38 X 50"
Artist's Statement

Artists Statement: Collage and Concept
I move between abstraction and figuration making images of primal forces -- gravity, light and darkness, endless geological time. Each piece is made of hundreds of paper scraps glued into position. I change the paper fragments by drawing and painting on them both before and after they are applied to the surface of the page. Collage satisfies my need to improvise, to work quickly, using accidental and impromptu marks, drawing and painting freely across a textured surface of paper fragments. Layers of paper replicate geological layers of rock under pressure. Small flickering fragments of paper communicate the effects of sunlight and moving shadows.


Born in Northern Vermont, Bisson graduated from Pratt Institute in NYC with majors in Drawing and Art Education. Her collage works, paintings and drawings depict forests, rock, and water in constant tension and motion. Her work has been supported by grants from the Pollock Krasner, Joyce Dutka, and Ludwig Vogelstein Foundations. She won a 2012 Fellowship in Painting from the New York Foundation for the Arts ( NYFA).