Marianne Edwards

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Excluded - 2010 - 48x42 - oil on linen
Anticipaton - 2010 - 38x60 - oil on linen
The Only Daughter - 2010 - 32x66 - oil on linen
Intruding - 2009 - 48x42 - oil on linen
Two Girls in Pink - 2008 - 36x54 - oil on linen
Artist's Statement

What is more relevant than our relationships with others, our feelings about ourselves and about our world? My paintings capture a moment in which attitudes about our relationships are expressed and intimacy, loneliness, passion and anger are revealed.

I use intense colors, distort proportions of size, perspective and space to communicate feelings and conflicts. My paintings explore our innermost emotions, especially those involving families, mothers and children. These paintings reveal my personal experiences and extend to the universal experiences of love, attachment and romantic relationships.

I continually layer the background of the painting with expressive lines and patterns. Now the figures interact with the background, becoming more intense. I add paint, abstract and lyrical passages that intensify the psychological and emotional tension.

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In 1980, when I had my first solo show at Fashion Moda in the South Bronx, it was the culmination of many years of work, my passion for art and my desire to express and share my ideas with a wide audience. I was working and exhibiting, and for the next six years I was totally immersed in this life.

Suddenly, my life changed dramatically. I was going to have a child. But just a month before I was due, I was told that my baby might not make it. The next day, my son came into the world weighing just 2-1/2 pounds.

Brian’s care and development became the focus of my life. His needs required most of my time, but I continued to paint and, as he grew older, stronger — and smarter — I spent more and more time on my work. Brian flourished and graduated from Yale.

Now, I’ve refocused all my energy on my art and am eager to continue exhibiting and creating, drawing upon a lifetime of experiences that enrich my work.