Marianna Rothen

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled, Kate At Church (series, 2011)
Conquest By Man, Snow and Rose (series, 2011)
Untitled, In Despair (series, 2011)
Untitled, Domesticated Woman (series, 2011)
Untitled, Domesticated Woman (series, 2011)
Artist's Statement

Using the esthetic qualities of cinema from the sixties and seventies, I stage images of women in landscapes of emotional disquiet.
These stills attempt to create moving narratives that reference the heroines of those days: Strong and adored but still vulnerable and misunderstood. These women struggle with their identity and power, beyond the old ideas of femininity.


Born and raised in a town close to Toronto, Marianna's first introduction to photography came through a course in high school. After several years of traveling, working as a model and documenting the experience through photographs, Marianna now lives in New York City.
Her work has been exhibited in Paris, Sydney and New York, most recently at Mo David North gallery, with George Holz and Richard Kern. Marianna's work is also on view at the Hendershot Gallery with Shannon Plumb until May 3rd.